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We have collected the frequently asked questions of our clients. Check out these questions to find out about us or to find out how we can pick up your waste!

The space I have available is limited – you can place a container

For the parking space of a container of 3 – 10 m³, a width of 3 m is sufficient (and the entrance must be at least 3 m wide).

What is allowed in what container and what is not?

If you fill the wrong container (for example, plastics in debris containers), we must manually sort the container so that we can continue to throw it in an ecological manner. This post-sorting is, unfortunately, very expensive and we have to charge you. Also hazardous wastes containing asbestos as well as medical wastes are forbidden.

Why are there no containers with lids?

Containers with lid do not make sense in most cases, because when the container is emptied, the lid will be broken (eg debris). Put a tarp over the container to avoid any trouble that may be caused by weather conditions.

How much can I load the container?

Container / trash can may contain max. up to 10 cm below the top edge! Also make sure that the filling is evenly distributed in the container and that the content can not move significantly during transport. The maximum filling weight of the container should not be exceeded.

What documents are required to be filled in to receive the container?

In order to benefit from the building waste collecting service, the online order / contract and the loading / unloading form must be completed.


What are the types of containers that can collect building waste?

For construction waste, RECICLERO can offer high quality rack bags that will provide a maximum load of 60kg as well as containers of different capacities.

What do you mean by construction waste?

Construction waste is the waste arising from interior, exterior, demolition, building, office and residential buildings (stones, earth, brick, tiles, demolition waste – waste code 17 09 04, 17 01 01, 17 01 02, 17 01 07).

Delivery and pickup

How long does the delivery last?

Generally for orders up to 24 hours on the next business day (Monday to Friday). Tip: Do not plan to fill the container on the same delivery day, but rather the next day. * Due to traffic volume and route planning, delivery time can be extended up to 48 hours.

What if the container can not be placed / picked up?

An unsuccessful placement or lifting (eg. because the space is not enough for the ordered container, the access blocked, the container filled too much) you have to pay a fee of …………. * To avoid these situations please carefully read the Terms & Conditions Policy before ordering!

How do I order the container to be picked up earlier than I expected at the time of the order?

Picking up the container can be communicated either at the time of the order or later by phone or e-mail, if it has been filled faster.

How long can I leave the container?

The container is at your disposal for 24 hours. On request you can rent the container and the prices for this service are: 7/10 / 12mc – 75lei / pcs/ month + VAT, and for the 18 / 20mc containers the costs are 175lei / pcs / month + VAT.

When the container can not be picked up from your location, due to your reasons, there will be a fee of 45 RON. To avoid these situations, please carefully watch the container filling and the place where it can be located. If you still need answers, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do I have to be present at the time of the delivery and collection of the container?

No, you do not have to do this (if problems occur, however, it is recommended). If, however, you have exact location requirements, we recommend that you be on the spot.

What is the time frame for container placement / waste disposal?

From Monday to Friday in between 6-14.

What is the space required for the machine to place the container?

For the container of 7mc the space is 12m long with 2.5m width and for the container cup 20mc- 20m long with 3m width.

What must be deferred when placing the container?

The soil surface and the surface used must be sealed, sufficiently fixed and able to carry a load (up to 14 tonnes).

Installation on a loose surface (eg sand or lawn) is also possible, but please note that due to the weight of the container, a clear print or substrate damage may occur.